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The leading solution for procurement and distribution in the grocery retail industry.

CENFOOD is the intelligent solution for consolidated distribution of direct store delivery (DSD) items in the grocery retail industry, enabling suppliers to save up to 50% in costs* while greatly simplifying and centralizing product procurement for retailers.

Affiliated & supplied retail chains

*Cost savings of up to 50% for suppliers in the areas of goods distribution, administrative processes and POS support were demonstrated in an internal case study. The factor depends on the product group, the trading volume and the service packages booked.

Make Food Trade Easy!

Food retailing is extremely complex. We’ll make it easier for you. With our solution, we simplify complex ordering and delivery processes and save valuable resources in your company.

Online catalog & Marketplace

We offer you the opportunity to consolidate and order over 1,000 items from established dropshipping suppliers as well as national and international brands through our service. Take a look at our online catalog to discover the range. Orders can be conveniently placed through MDE (Mobile Data Entry), EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), or directly through the marketplace.

Almost all dropshipping suppliers of a retailer can be ordered through our consolidated service during a merchandise sourcing transition, just like ordering from the central warehouse.

Excerpt from our online catalog:

One solution for all processes

Our team and the integrated, innovative and automated processes behind it free traders and suppliers alike from time-consuming and logistical burdens.

Ordering, delivery & billing of new & existing products is now only done via one contact.

Central source of supply

With the help of our Europe-wide logistics network, we bundle the products in the dry & chilled range from drop-ship suppliers for central delivery.

This reduces deliveries, minimum order quantities & personnel effort at goods receiving.

Service platform for suppliers

Our platform brings together all logistics, ordering, delivery and billing processes between supplier and retailer in an automated and efficient way.

This speeds up listing procedures, reduces administrative work and ensures maximum transparency.

Online catalog

Buyers & category managers discover and order products from established and new brands of national and international suppliers in the online catalog and order conveniently via MDE device and EDI.

This increases reach and sales for brands and optimises product research for retailers.

Our distribution partners

…as well as numerous established regional brands, international brands and food start-ups

Voices from the trade

Eric Thieme

Free initial consultation with retail experts

Book a free 30-minute expert talk in food retail now!

Benefit from our many years of experience and in-depth industry knowledge to position your products successfully on the market. Our broad network of contacts opens doors to the most influential decision-makers and key accounts in the industry. We focus on measurable results, from increased sales figures to optimized conditions for your brand.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity for a direct exchange with our CEO and industry expert Eric Thime – completely free of charge. Together we will realize your successful market entry and maximize your sales success!

Our mission

For you

We want to make food trading easier so that market participants can concentrate on their strengths - developing and offering good and sustainable food.

For climate protection

We want to significantly reduce the waste of resources with the help of our solutions, and avoid unnecessary CO2 emissions during transport and food spoilage.

For Europe

We would like to be a partner for producers and suppliers of new, healthier products, sustainable and regional food concepts simplify market entry and promote a positive food culture in Europe.

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Lieferant oder Händler?

Nutzen Sie als etablierter Lieferant unsere zentrale Distributionslösung sowie das Central Dashboard, um Ihre Logistik zu optimieren und administrative sowie logistische Kosten einzusparen.

Sie sind mit Ihrer Marke neu am Markt und suchen den Zugang zum deutschen Lebensmitteleinzelhandel?

CENFOOD bietet verschiedene Service- und Salespakete für Ihre Go To Market Strategie.

Händler profitieren von einer gebündelten Warenbeschaffung von der Bestellung, Lieferung bis zur Abrechnung und sparen administrative Kosten, reduzieren die Anzahl der Anlieferungen und profitieren von bedarfsgerechten Mindestbestellmengen.

Supplier or retailer?

As an established supplier, use our central distribution solution and the Central Dashboard to optimize your logistics and save administrative and logistical costs.

Are you new to the market with your brand and looking for access to the German food retail trade?

CENFOOD offers various service and sales packages  for your go-to-market strategy.

Retailers benefit from bundled goods procurement from ordering and delivery through to invoicing and save administrative costs, reduce the number of deliveries and benefit from minimum order quantities in line with requirements.

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