CENFOOD further expands Creator Brands division in the Food & Beverages sector.

The supply chain start-up Cenfood is not only digitising and changing the food trade, but is also successfully bringing well-known food & beverages creator brands to retail.

The currency of the hour is reach and followers instead of ratings. This ongoing trend is also continuing on supermarket shelves. In recent months, for example, CENFOOD has been able to successfully introduce German artist “FINCH” and its “Fürstenbach” brand to food retailers as an exclusive partner of the artist.

Rapper and artist “Finch” with his liqueur brand “Fürstenbach”. More varieties are to follow in 2022.

He is one of the most popular artists in German-speaking hip hop and is extremely successful on social media (Instagram – 590,000 followers, TikTok – 438,000 followers, Youtube – approx. 415,000 subscribers).

The product range will now be further expanded with the Fürstenbach brand and we are looking forward to the upcoming exciting projects with Finch and his team.

The successful cooperation between Fürstenbach and CENFOOD will be further expanded in 2022.

Interested in Finch’s available products? Then click on our marketplace and conveniently order the goods for your shelf:


CENFOOD is an internationally operating purchasing and distribution solution for suppliers and retailers in the food retail sector. The company optimizes the goods procurement process between so-called drop shipment suppliers and numerous food retailers, including EDEKA, REWE, Metro and Globus, with the help of highly automated and predominantly digital processes with connected Europe-wide logistics.

The platform is developed and operated by CENFOOD GmbH, founded as Foodnewcomer GmbH 2018 in Dresden by Eric Thieme (CEO), Alexander Friede (CIO) and Sören Frost.

Please send press inquiries to: presse@cenfood.de

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