Foodnewcomer 20/21 – We Change the Game of B2B Food Trade.

Hi, ich bin Eric Thieme, Gründer und CEO der Foodnewcomer GmbH.

I have been active in the food industry since 2013. I started out as a pure importer of the Swedish cider brand “Herrljunga Cider”, which I helped to build up in Germany until the end of 2015. Even then, I had to overcome the enormous challenges in distribution and placement in retail. German suppliers and manufacturers also trusted my expertise and commissioned me to represent their brand to German food retailers.

Together with my great team and the expertise of my co-founders, we design business models with a focus on the platform economy, software development and online marketing and want to create innovative solutions for B2B food retail in Europe. For this reason, we have developed Europe’s first B2B platform for distribution and logistics – CENFOOD – which we will present to you in more detail in the coming months.

Our mission(s) in the coming months:

We want to make food trading easier so that market participants can concentrate on their strengths – namely developing and distributing good and sustainable food.

We want to significantly reduce the waste of resources for suppliers and retailers with our solutions and thus avoid unnecessary CO2 emissions and food spoilage.

We want to make it easier for manufacturers and suppliers of new, healthier, sustainable and regional food concepts to enter the market and promote a positive food culture in Europe.

We look forward to the tasks ahead, let’s get on with it….

Yours, Eric Thieme

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More about Cenfood

Lieferant oder Händler?

Nutze als Lieferant unsere zentrale Distributionslösung sowie das Central Dashboard, um Ihre Logistik zu optimieren und neue Händler zu erreichen.

Als Händler nutzt Du unseren Marktplatz, um neue Produkte zu entdecken oder Deine Lieferanten zu bündeln und so den Einkaufsprozess zu optimieren.

Supplier or retailer?

As a supplier, use our central distribution solution and Central Dashboard to optimise your logistics and reach new retailers.

As a retailer, you use our marketplace to discover new products or to bundle your suppliers and thus optimise the purchasing process.

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