Foodnewcomer becomes CENFOOD – “The Amazon for food retail”.

Started as a modern and digital trade agency, we, Foodnewcomer GmbH, represented in particular import brands and food start-ups with relevant buyers and category managers in the food retail trade (LEH). In the last two years we have continued to develop into an all-in-one supplier for food retailers. As a result, we no longer exclusively put start-up products on the shelves, but take over the bundled delivery on a national level for items of the most diverse product categories to well-known retail chains, including EDEKA, REWE, Metro and Globus.

With our innovative platform solution and the newly conceived processes behind it, we optimise the procurement of drop-ship items, especially through administrative and logistical bundling for the classic food retail trade, late-night shops, petrol stations and delivery services. For our customers, this significantly reduces the administrative effort, minimum order quantities and the pre-financing of goods. Ordering, delivery and invoicing are carried out centrally via our solution. We make our contribution to climate protection by avoiding unnecessary CO2 emissions with the help of more efficient pallet loading and the reduction of truck deliveries.

With CENFOOD, our new purchasing and distribution platform, we have created the necessary digital infrastructure over the last 18 months to establish an efficient connection between retailers and suppliers in the food trade. With CENFOOD, we cover three main service areas. With the Product Information Management (PIM) we centralize and standardize all article master data for our customers. For suppliers, we provide a modern real-time data and management dashboard for maximum transparency of all logistical processes. With our marketplace, we offer our customers a digital B2B purchasing world with EDI connection and many other advantages for the procurement of goods.

With the launch of the new platform, we are changing our external image. Foodnewcomer now becomes the new brand CENFOOD. This step is also the starting signal for the internationalisation and strategic realignment of our company with the aim of becoming the leading purchasing and distribution platform for the food retail trade in Europe.

CENFOOD is an internationally operating purchasing and distribution solution for suppliers and retailers in the food retail sector. The company optimizes the goods procurement process between so-called drop shipment suppliers and numerous food retailers, including EDEKA, REWE, Metro and Globus, with the help of highly automated and predominantly digital processes with connected Europe-wide logistics.

The platform is developed and operated by CENFOOD GmbH, founded as Foodnewcomer GmbH 2018 in Dresden by Eric Thieme (CEO), Alexander Friede (CIO) and Sören Frost.

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Annual kick-off: “Fork-Rocket Day” 2022

We celebrate the CENFOOD annual kick-off “Fork-Rocket Day” with our team. Wow, what a day! Together with our great team we rocked our first team day yesterday: the Fork Rocket Day. What has happened in the past year, what went really well, what can we still work on or what is on the agenda for CENFOOD in 2022? All these points (as well as other great news) were informed about by our founding team in the first part of our internal event. Once again, the most important insight: without our strong team, CENFOOD’s success would not be possible! In the second part of our first “Fork Rocket Day” there were workshops on different topics. desired themes, photo shoots, a delicious tasting event and afterwards a relaxed come together with cooperation partners, friends and neighbours. We are already looking forward to the next Fork Rocket Day and will continue to go full throttle! #makefoodtradeeasy

CENFOOD further expands Creator Brands division in the Food & Beverages sector.

The supply chain start-up Cenfood is not only digitising and changing the food trade, but is also successfully bringing well-known food & beverages creator brands to retail. The currency of the hour is reach and followers instead of ratings. This ongoing trend is also continuing on supermarket shelves. In recent months, for example, CENFOOD has been able to successfully introduce German artist “FINCH” and its “Fürstenbach” brand to food retailers as an exclusive partner of the artist. He is one of the most popular artists in German-speaking hip hop and is extremely successful on social media (Instagram – 590,000 followers, TikTok – 438,000 followers, Youtube – approx. 415,000 subscribers). The product range will now be further expanded with the Fürstenbach brand and we are looking forward to the upcoming exciting projects with Finch and his team. Interested in Finch’s available products? Then click on our marketplace and conveniently order the goods for your shelf:

Lieferant oder Händler?

Nutzen Sie als Lieferant unsere zentrale Distributionslösung sowie das Central Dashboard, um Ihre Logistik zu optimieren und administrative sowie logistische Kosten einzusparen.

Händler profitieren von einer gebündelten Warenbeschaffung von der Bestellung, Lieferung bis zur Abrechnung und sparen administrative Kosten, reduzieren die Anzahl der Anlieferungen und profitieren von bedarfsgerechten Mindestbestellmengen.

Supplier or retailer?

As a supplier, you can use our central distribution solution and the Central Dashboard to optimize your logistics and save administrative and logistical costs.

Retailers benefit from bundled goods procurement from ordering and delivery through to invoicing and save administrative costs, reduce the number of deliveries and benefit from minimum order quantities in line with requirements.

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