Foodnewcomer scouting team on the road again in Sweden.

The Foodnewcomer taste discoverers are on the road again: In order to be able to offer you the hottest products in Europe, we personally take the time to search for new culinary treasures.

This time our scouting team went to Sweden. Our Foodnewcomer taste discoverers were once again able to test some new products.

Be curious which highlights will make it to the German supermarket shelves this time.

Are you still missing a product in German retail? Send us a message with your favourite product from your last holiday and maybe it will already be available in your market.

Also on our Swedish agenda was a visit to our long-standing business partners in Stockholm: Stockholms Bränneri. We have been successfully distributing the delicious spirits of the distillery from Södermalm in the heart of Stockholm as an exclusive sales partner since 2018. We are already looking forward to the next successful years with the team.

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