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Our quality management optimization package offers you a comprehensive analysis and optimization of your existing quality management. We support you in achieving the highest quality standards and ensuring product safety in order to increase your competitiveness in the German food retail sector.

Our services for your quality optimization:

When we start our services, we thoroughly analyze your current status with regard to quality management and offer you tailor-made recommendations for improving your processes and products.

General services:
  • Status analysis:
    Comprehensive analysis of your current quality management to identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Evaluation and report:
    Detailed report with the results of the analysis and specific recommendations for improvement.
  • Provision of instruments:
    Provision of customized instruments and tools for the effective implementation of recommendations for action.
  • Process optimization:
    Coaching to optimize your quality management processes in order to increase efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Product safety: Recommendations for improving product safety to ensure the highest standards and minimize risks.
  • Flexibility:
    Our approaches are individually tailored to your specific requirements and current market conditions.
  • Market knowledge:
    Through our deep industry knowledge and in-depth analysis, we help you make the most of your market opportunities and maximize your quality assurance processes.


Book your quality management optimization package now and benefit from our expertise to improve your quality standards and ensure product safety in the German food retail sector!

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ATTENTION! We do not offer legal advice but only recommendations for action that will enable you to achieve all important certifications and standards for the German and European trading area.
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Benefit from our many years of experience and in-depth industry knowledge to position your products successfully on the market. Our broad network of contacts opens doors to the most influential decision-makers and key accounts in the industry. We focus on measurable results, from increased sales figures to optimized conditions for your brand.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity for a direct exchange with our CEO and industry expert Eric Thime – completely free of charge. Together we will realize your successful market entry and maximize your sales success!

Lieferant oder Händler?

Nutzen Sie als etablierter Lieferant unsere zentrale Distributionslösung sowie das Central Dashboard, um Ihre Logistik zu optimieren und administrative sowie logistische Kosten einzusparen.

Sie sind mit Ihrer Marke neu am Markt und suchen den Zugang zum deutschen Lebensmitteleinzelhandel?

CENFOOD bietet verschiedene Service- und Salespakete für Ihre Go To Market Strategie.

Händler profitieren von einer gebündelten Warenbeschaffung von der Bestellung, Lieferung bis zur Abrechnung und sparen administrative Kosten, reduzieren die Anzahl der Anlieferungen und profitieren von bedarfsgerechten Mindestbestellmengen.

Supplier or retailer?

As an established supplier, use our central distribution solution and the Central Dashboard to optimize your logistics and save administrative and logistical costs.

Are you new to the market with your brand and looking for access to the German food retail trade?

CENFOOD offers various service and sales packages  for your go-to-market strategy.

Retailers benefit from bundled goods procurement from ordering and delivery through to invoicing and save administrative costs, reduce the number of deliveries and benefit from minimum order quantities in line with requirements.

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