Advantages for suppliers through CENFOOD

Large industrial warehouse. Long shelves with a variety of boxes and containers. Bright sunlight.

Suppliers & Brands

Consolidate distribution & market maintenance with the help of our complete solution

Optimize your distribution and market cultivation with our support! Start with CENFOOD to take your business to the next level and respond calmly to the constant changes in food retailing in the future.

Secure shelf space

Strategies to increase sales and the placement of new varieties on the market

With CENFOOD, suppliers are enabled to offer merchants a demand-based ordering of their goods. Our solution helps to avoid shelf gaps and to optimize the pre-financing of goods. This gives retailers the freedom to order from the range according to their individual needs without being dependent on excessively high minimum order quantities.

Easy scaling & cost savings

CENFOOD thinks the transport & logistics sector for efficient cost control & optimized processes new

With CENFOOD you have for the first time the Ability to clearly scale transportation and logistics costs. Extra costs and additional effort per shipments are eliminated. You no longer need to consider delivery terms and delivery notifications for each shipment. With the bundled shipping of the items, CENFOOD takes care of all logistical processes. Unpredictable costs and personnel expenditure in fine order picking are eliminated, since only deliveries to a CENFOOD warehouse need to be ordered. You benefit from fixed logistic conditions without additional charges and can therefore better calculate your margin.

Efficient listing strategies

Acceleration and optimization of processes for comprehensive product range placement in the retail trade

Digital onboarding of the products and a data transfer of the items to the CENFOOD portal makes item master data maintenance efficient and transparent. You can see your data in real time and make adjustments at any time. The processing status is transparent and comprehensible. The time-consuming data maintenance in complicated Excel tables at the head offices is no longer necessary.

Optimize your resources

Free your employees from time-consuming administrative tasks. Tasks and focus on sales development

Outsource administrative tasks by minimizing the number of invoices and order processing, as well as handing off the dunning process. The workload is reduced and employees can concentrate on activities that sustainably advance and grow your company.

Transparency & efficient scaling

Gain control over your margins with simplified storage & logistics costs

CENFOOD gives you maximum transparency over your sales. See at any time at which conditions your products are available to the trade and where your goods are currently located. Simplified storage and logistics costs make scaling efficient.

Effective market presence & support

CENFOOD supports you with a nationwide team of Sales representatives in the maintenance and support of your markets

Our dedicated 40-person POS team is here to help you make your brand even more successful at the point of sale. Whether it is shelf maintenance, market support or other important aspects, we are always ready to understand your needs and provide effective solutions. Trust our many years of experience and let us work together to increase sales and delight your customers!

Full transparency & strategic agility

Monitor your sales in real time & keep track of the Overview of markets and regions with our digital solution

Via your personal Seller Dashboard you can track all sales of your items on a daily basis. You can see when and where which items were sold and create evaluations. Thus, you remain agile in the strategic development of your brand.

Intelligent logistics without hidden costs

With a nationwide network and a state-of-the-art logistics structure, CENFOOD is proud to provide comprehensive service to all regions of Germany. Our efficient logistics enable us to deliver your products promptly and reliably to any location. Whether it’s large cities, rural areas or remote regions, you can rely on CENFOOD to reach your customers across the country.

Regions supplied by CENFOOD

CENFOOD attaches great importance to transparency and simple calculation. We take on a wide range of costs incurred, giving suppliers new opportunities for cost savings.

Lieferant oder Händler?

Nutze als Lieferant unsere zentrale Distributionslösung sowie das Central Dashboard, um Ihre Logistik zu optimieren und neue Händler zu erreichen.

Als Händler nutzt Du unseren Marktplatz, um neue Produkte zu entdecken oder Deine Lieferanten zu bündeln und so den Einkaufsprozess zu optimieren.

CENFOOD® - Die Lösung ohne versteckte Kosten

Wesentliche Extrakosten sind in unserem CENFOOD Service bereits inkludiert, sodass Lieferanten von einer umfassenden Betreuung profitieren, ohne separate Einzelabrechnungen für diese Leistungen zu erhalten. So haben Sie Ihre Kalkulation jederzeit im Griff und können mit festen Margen ohne Überraschungen rechnen, was eine verlässlichere Basis für Ihr Geschäft schafft.

Klassische Logistikdienstleister

Supplier or Retailer?

As a supplier, use our central distribution solution and Central Dashboard to optimise your logistics and reach new retailers.

As a retailer, you use our marketplace to discover new products or to bundle your suppliers and thus optimise the purchasing process.

CENFOOD® - The solution without hidden costs

Significant extra costs are already included in our CENFOOD service, so suppliers benefit from comprehensive support without receiving separate individual invoices for these services. This way you have your calculation under control at all times and can count on fixed margins without surprises, which creates a more reliable basis for your business.

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Classic logistics service providers

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Data protection
We, the CENFOOD GmbH (Registered business address: Germany), would like to process personal information with external services. This is not necessary for the use of the website, but allows us to interact even more closely with them. If desired, please make a choice: