Delicious beer mix drinks with ginger, blueberry and rosemary.

Ingwer Narrisch – This is Bavarian Märzen beer according to the purity law, which meets organic ginger with a lemony sweetness. In an illustrious blend, Bavarian beer, syrup from Holzkirchen and brewers from Munich come together to create an irresistibly refreshing drink.

Ginger Narrisch, the spicy mixed beer drink with lots of ginger in it. 84 % Bavarian Märzen beer and 16 % organic ginger-lemon-lime syrup from our own production are in the bottle. Due to the uneven mixing ratio, Ginger Narrisch is relatively strong, although in terms of taste it is more in the direction of a “spicy shandy”. But don’t call it Radler – the bullet has a delicious 4.6% alcohol, almost as much as a normal light beer.

….and they taste delicious too:
Rosmarin Narrisch: Wow, how it tastes when Bavarian Märzen beer according to the purity law meets freshly brewed rosemary with a lemony sweetness. So don’t worry, don’t worry, Rosmarie – this taste explosion will blow your mind!

Blaubeer Narrisch: Fruity blueberry (= blueberry), Bavarian Märzen beer according to the purity law and lemony sweetness – Captain Bluebear’s favourite drink is ready, which will also convince you. Drinking beer has never been so berry as a result!

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